“Not perhaps since Andy Irvine’s celebrated East Wind in 1992 has there been such a convincing reorientation
of the irish tradition” The Irish Times

“One can only hope that a group as good as this gets the wider exposure it surely deserves” All About Jazz

“The effect is raw pulsating and energetic…” fRoots


Emer Mayock – flutes, whistles, pipes
Nick Roth – soprano sax, furulya, davul
Francesco Turrisi – accordion, percussion, lavta
Kate Ellis – cello
Robbie Harris – percussion

“Tarab” (in Arabic) is a state of ecstasy and surrender one enters while listening, with body and soul, to music.

Ireland’s traditional music has always enriched itself from two sources. One is the deep well of tradition, expressing itself through the vibrancy of its regional inflections within Ireland and the countless nightly sessions that keep it to the fore in our consciousness.  The other is its rewarding dialogue and rich encounters with the cultural life of its diaspora communities, a glittering thread woven into the rich tapestry of folk music around the world.  In Tarab, the rich seam of both these resources has been tapped, adding a brilliant new chapter to the ever evolving story of Irish music and its place in the world.

Tarab is a light, nimble craft that sails the waters between Ireland and the Mediterranean, and its helm is Francesco Turrisi, a Turin native who has made a real   impression since moving to Ireland, bringing a fresh perspective informed by his background in baroque harpsichord, jazz piano and the Moorish dance forms of Southern Italy. In Tarab he performs on accordion and various Arabic and Sicilian frame drums, and convincingly bridges modal music from right across Europe in a band that   also includes saxophonist Nick Roth and cellist Kate Ellis. Their jazz and classical backgrounds find a counterbalance in traditional flautist Emer Mayock who, along with percussionist Robbie Harris, brings an innate understanding of melody and form in Irish music. 

Turrisi orchestrates with subtlety, deftly balancing these powerful elements to harmonious effect, pulling Irish music into invigorating new conversations. Iranian tombak master Pedram Khavar- Zamini, Palestinian oud player Haytham Safia, with a July visit from Bulgarian kaval virtuoso Theodossii Spassov, and the masterful Greek singer Savina Yannatou are among the artists with whom they have recently collaborated

Gerry Godley – The Improvised Music Company

More info at: www.tarab.ie

Tarab live – St.Chartier

Tarab with Savina Yannatou – Y Una Madre