“Arresting and consistently beautiful” All About Jazz
“Sublimity in the melodies and subtlety of musicianship” The Journal of Music



Francesco Turrisi has been defined as a “musical alchemist” and a “musical polyglot” by the press for his vast range of influences.

Perhaps it’s in his group Taquin where Turrisi comes closest to distilling his wide-ranging vocabulary and fulfilling his musical vision. The name, from Arabic, means creation or creative act. By sheer chance, Turrisi’s slight respelling – for purely aesthetic purposes – stumbled upon the French word, which means teasing, but also describes a popular puzzle game in which small numbered blocks have to be arranged in increasing numerical order.

Either definition fits like a glove for this endlessly surprising modular ensemble, which can operate as a duo, a septet or any combination of musicians in between. Each configuration poses new challenges and serves up a rich, ever-evolving sonic tapestry. Jazz, Italian melodies, baroque, contemporary music, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern sonorities blend seamlessly in a potent stew, with Turrisi fronting on piano, accordion and percussion.