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Grigio features an eclectic and unique selection of compositions drawing from musical sources as varied as 17th century Italian composers Merula, Strozzi and Landi, traditional Irish sean nos songs, a traditional Hebrew song,a John Zorn composition from the Masada songbook and original music by Turrisi
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New “Grigio” review


Published: October 28, 2013

For pianist Francesco Turrisi ‘old’ music is a redundant term. In the Dublin-based Italian’s world all music exists in a continuum. Turrisi’s debut, Si Dolce e il Tormento (Diatribe Records, 2009) may be the only example of the mediaeval theorbo—a long-necked lute— in a jazz setting. Fotografia (Diatribe Records, 2011)—a series of piano trio improvisations—veered between free-jazz abstraction and Mediterranean and Brazilian blues lyricism. For Songs of Experience(Taquin Records, 2013), Turrisi eschewed bass in favor of Fulvio Sigurtà’s trumpet and flugelhorn on highly melodic, minimalist pieces that drew equally from classical and folk traditions. On Grigio, Turrisi adds Italian baroque, traditional Irish and Hebrew song to an already colorful palette.
Common to all Turrisi’s recordings to a greater or lesser degree is the baroque/early music vein that runs through his music. The novelty here, however, is Turrisi’s employment of a vocalist. Three numbers sung quite beautifully by Clara Sanabras, “Che Si Puo Farre?,” “Augellin” and “Canzonette spiritual sopra la nanna” illustrate the melodic strength and lyric depth of seventeenth century Italian laments. Turrisi has played these songs with L’Arpeggiata, but the rhythmic impetus of bassist Dan Bodwell and drummer Sean Carpio combine with Turrisi’s tumbling jazz lines to fashion an utterly contemporary frame for music whose themes of love and anguish—and the indifference of the world—are timeless.

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Yurodny winter tour!

yurodny tour

watch my “Songs of Experience” EPK

featuring Fulvio Sigurta’ and Joao Lobo

“Songs of Experience” review for All About Jazz

Francesco Turrisi: Songs of Experience (2013)

By IAN PATTERSON, Published: March 17, 2013

Pianist Francesco Turrisi’s first two albums as leader, the classically influenced jazz of Si Dolce e il Tormento (Diatribe Recordings, 2009) and the more brooding, improvised Fotografia (Diatribe Recordings, 2011) were united by Turrisi’s mostly spare voice as much as they were by the folk, classical and jazz threads from which he draws inspiration. Here, Turrisi plots a strikingly minimalist course, playing seemingly fewer notes than on his first two releases combined. With trumpeter/flugelhorn player Fulvio Sigurtà the dominant voice, Turrisi orchestrates the ebb and flow of this highly melodic, hypnotic bassless trio.

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a video from Tarab’s performance with Paul Goodman

Interview for Journal of Music

Crete, Ireland, Italy: An Interview with Francesco Turrisi

On Friday, 1 February, the Irish group Tarab teams up with the Crete-based multi-instrumentalist Paul Goodman for a one-off collaboration at the Grand Social in Dublin. Tarab already includes a diverse bunch of musicians, instruments and musical backgrounds, including Emer Mayock (Irish flute, whistles, pipes), Nick Roth (soprano saxophone, furulya), Francesco Turrisi (accordion, lafta, percussion), Kate Ellis (cello) and Robbie Harris (percussion). For this performance, titled Isole, they will be augmented by Goodman’s Cretan lyra and saz, two string instruments. The links between traditional Irish music and Cretan music will be in focus.

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New “Songs of Experience” CD review


I originally became familiar with the music of Francesco Turrisi via his 2011 releaseFotografia.  An excellent album that featured a standard piano trio line-up, and fixated on a balance between chamber music and folk-infused jazz.  What resulted was a pleasant duality of elegance and earthiness.  On his current release, Songs of Experience, Turrisi sticks with the trio format, and while he has Joao Lobo returning on drums, he replaces the bass position with trumpeter Fulvio Sigurta.  This results in an entirely different album.  And while I would’ve been eminently content with more of the good stuff, I’m thrilled to witness Turrisi’s new direction.

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New review of my cd “Songs of Experience” on the Irish Times


Songs of Experience Taquin Records ***

Dublin-based Italian pianist Francesco Turrisi is the very model of a modern jazz musician, drawing inspiration from a wide variety of sources – everything from jazz and Arabic to early Baroque and Italian folk music – and from them, over a series of excellent releases in the past five years, a unique and distinctive voice is emerging. When it comes to musicians, Turrisi is also apt to look beyond his nose, on this occasion recruiting rising Italian trumpeter Fulvio Sigurta and sensitive Portuguese drummer Joao Lobo. The pianist’s compositions for this bass-less trio are deceptively slight, epigrammatic fragments which merge seamlessly with passages of collective improvisation. The tone throughout is ruminative, even sombre, but it’s cut through by the leader’s playfulness, Sigurta’s spare, bluesy trumpet lines and Lobo’s keen sense of dynamics.

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Review of cd launch concert

by Davy Keogh for “Totally Dublin”

A haven from a bustling pre-Christmas Friday evening on Stephen’s Green, the Unitarian Church provided a perfect setting for Francesco Turrisi’s album launch. The intimacy and stillness of the space was a welcome contrast to the night outside, where the chimes of occasional Luas bells drifted beautifully into a mix of piano, trumpet/flugelhorn and drums. Now on his third solo release, the Dublin-based Italian confirmed again his credentials: his playful and infinite referencing to different musical styles and contexts. Opening with Nel Mezzo, a reflection on his own life, Turrisi and his partners descended into a focus that set the tone for the rest of the evening.

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